Dental Crowns - Dundas

If you have cracked, worn down, crooked, chipped or decayed teeth, crowns offer a lot of benefits. Dundas Dentistry in Dundas and Hamilton, Ontario provides dental crowns, which are tooth-shaped “dental caps”, used to protect severely worn out, broken or damaged teeth. They are also used to allow our dentists to perform and finalize certain dental treatments such as root canal therapy or dental implant procedures. Crowns encase the entire portion of your damaged tooth, thus transforming the tooth’s outer surface into a strong new tooth.

Should you already have a dental crown, it is imperative to remember to brush at least twice a day and floss to strengthen gums and remove potential materials that could cause plaque to form in the space between teeth causing decay or gum disease.


Do you have any teeth that are chipped or discolored? If you are considering dental crowns click here to learn more about the process. Call Dundas Dentistry in Dundas and Hamilton for more information!