About Us

Dundas Dentistry is now located in the picturesque town of Dundas. Dundas is located just a few minutes away from the city of Hamilton. Dundas Dentistry maintains its high standards in dental services by bringing an exceptional team with an abundance of knowledge and experience to its newest location.

What sets Dundas Dentistry apart is our exceptional level of service, our professional and knowledgeable staff, and our level of clinical expertise. Our innovative use of technology and design used in our dental practice allows us to provide the highest level of dental care available so that our patients reap the benefits.

The Dundas Dentistry team is dedicated to providing personalized dental care to each and every patient as per his or her unique needs. As well,Dundas Dentistry strives to maintain long-lasting patient relationships built on trust and unparalleled dental care. We take pride in ensuring our patients are comfortable, relaxed, and kept 'in the loop' about all procedures leaving no room for surprises. A well informed patient leads to a happy dental experience.

Dundas Dentistry and its team look forward to changing the misconception people feel about dentistry. We look forward to seeing You soon.